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About SecuraDoor

The safety of your family­—what’s it worth to you?

SecuraDoor provides the strongest, easiest-to-use entry-prevention device on the market to empower people to feel secure within their home day or night knowing that their family is safe. We use only the strongest and finest materials from trusted partners and we manufacture in America, which allows us to make a lifetime guarantee on the product.

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David Workman

The SecuraDoor Story

SecuraDoor was born out of real life experiences. I have had my home broken into twice… and both times, I was home!  Both times made me feel vulnerable; the second time, even more than the first.

The first break-in happened through the side door of the garage. I never gave much thought to the garage door on the side of the house. Worse yet, it never occurred to me to lock the door leading into the house from the garage. Essentially, that side door was easy access into the house.

The second break-in was much more traumatic. It was a couple of years later and I was living in an apartment. Again, I was home.

While in the shower, I heard a noise and assumed it was the neighbor upstairs. I didn’t think much of it until I pulled back the shower curtain and saw a piece of mud on the floor about 3 feet away from where I was showering. That mud wasn’t there when I stepped into the shower!

Thankfully, whoever it was had left, only taking a couple of thousand dollars worth of small stuff with them.

Before this second event, I used to be a very sound sleeper. Being broken into that second time changed all that.

After my two break-ins, I was introduced to a door jamming device. I immediately saw its benefit. I ended making a version of that door jammer with a couple of friends. It was good but I knew it wasn’t perfected yet. 

Some twenty years later, and with the encouragement from my wife, Carol, I felt like the time had come to revisit the jammer and make it into a product that could save people’s lives.

By this time, a few similar products had entered the market place. Most of them are “toys,” really, not strong enough to hold back a serious threat. I gathered up all the negative reviews on these products and, with the help of an design and engineering firm, developed a product that would be the leader in its class.

While other products tout their strength of 350lbs, SecuraDoor can easily handle over 1500lbs and has been tested to over 1700lbs. It is simple in design and it’s one-handed installation makes it convenient to use. It’s the only door jamming device on the market that can adjust to the full specifications of the International Building Code and only needs to be adjusted once for your door. And it comes with an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee.

This is a product created by someone who knows what it feels like to to broken into and it’s my desire that you NEVER experience what I did.

SecuraDoor... and sleep well.

David Workman
Monarch Home Innovations


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