SecuraDoor Development

When we say SecuraDoor is strength tested to over 1750lbs, we mean it!  But how did we arrive at that number?

It took us over a year of research, development and testing to bring you SecuraDoor.  SecuraDoor was professionally designed and engineered by international design firm Outerspace Design.  

We began by purchasing all the competitors so we could reverse engineer their product and examine their strengths and weaknesses.  We also did extensive research on all their positive AND negative reviews.  That gave us a good idea on what the customers deemed important.

Then Outerspace Design took our original design and took it to another level!  The design process involved many iterations, mockups and test samples.  The outcome was a design that reached 1,750lbs of peak force. The engineers did not test SecuraDoor to failure at that point in time.  They stopped the test at 1,750lbs.

We had requested that SecuraDoor be able to withstand 1,000lbs of force, as opposed to the 350lbs advertised by the leading brand.  Achieving 1,750lbs was a huge milestone!

Westpak Inc Production Manager, John Baumwoll, setting up for SecuraDoor testing.

In July of 2018, we tested SecuraDoor at an independent testing facility in San Diego, CA.  Westpak, Inc is a UL Registered Firm, ISTA Certified Laboratory and an A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) Accredited Mechanical Testing facility.

Getting the footplate aligned just right.

The Westpak tests were run to product failure.  SecuraDoor's failure occurred at a peak force of over 3,000lbs!

The testing program computer displaying the current and peak force of 3,085lbs! The unit eventually failed at 3,099lbs.

So when we say that SecuraDoor is strength tested to 1,750lbs, were only a little more than half right.  :-)  SecuraDoor can actually support a force 1,000 times its own weight!  Now that's exceptional design.

SecuraDoor may cost a little more, but when someone is trying to kick in your door, those few extra dollars could save your life.