In any workplace violence event, you have three choices... run, hide, or fight (if you must).  For many workers, hiding is the quickest, safest option.  If you choose to hide, barricading a door against forced entry is a high priority.
SecuraDoor is a low cost and extremely strong way to secure your location.  
SecuraDoor is 9x stronger than the cheap $20 options.  It is super strong, lightweight and guaranteed for life!  It retails for less than $100 and commercial discounts are up to 30% off.
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When you have only seconds to react, pulling SecuraDoor out from behind a door to protect you from forced entry can mean the difference between life and death.
SecuraDoor Benefits:
  • SecuraDoor works on any hinged door, commercial or residential, and can be moved from one door to another
  • It adjusts to all door handle heights (within building code)
  • It holds back over 1-TON of force, independently tested to over 3,000 lbs
  • The unique handle design over-centers and applies compression on the door
  • The extra-wide footplate adheres to all flooring types
  • It needs no power, batteries, or hardware installation
  • It’s very light, only 3.2 lbs
  • It deploys in only seconds and can be easily removed

"Your product was 100% successful in its deployment testing and well received by the population."

Jason Lassiter, CPP, CFE
Security Manager, Global Security
Noble Energy Corporation


SecuraDoor is available with commercial discounts up to 30%. Please complete the form below for more information.